Duplicate Video Search

Duplicate Video Search 15.3

It is designed to find duplicates of video files within your computer

Duplicate Video Search, as its name suggests, is an application designed with the purpose of finding your computer’s duplicate video files. The program only works with video files that cover nine of the most popular formats: .avi, .mpg, .3gp, .wtv, .mkv, .swf, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .mov.

The interface is simple, easy to understand. Although it doesn’t have anything special, the design is appropriate to the purpose of this application. The trial version permits the recognition of all duplicates, but only ten of them appear in the display panel. In order to administrate all the copies, the full version is required.

The program is very handy. All you need to know is the file and the folders that you want to clean, the type of folders you want to search for duplicates and how accurate should the research be. For the folders that contain lots of video files, I recommend checking all the formats. This way it’s less possible to omit duplicates. When the search is over, you can choose to keep, delete or move the files. Although the program has preset settings, you have the permission to modify them however you like, making Duplicate Video Search look less rigid. The possibility of adding more folders to a single scan is useful, especially when there are more video files spread in different folders or partitions.

However, I’m not sure about the accuracy of the search results. After scanning a few times the same folder, I got two results that were different by modifying the search’s length. At a smaller length, there were more duplicated files, but at a higher length, one of the results was omitted. Opting for a higher value of sensitivity could determine the recognition of a unique file as a duplicate file. Another aspect that got my attention was the fact that the trial version omitted the recognition of .mkv, .mov, .3GP, .flv, .mp4 files even after I installed the codec recommended of the official website. If you wish to free some space occupied by useless copies of video files, I recommend scanning the folders more times while changing the settings. This way it’s less probable to omit a duplicate.

Iuliana Arama
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Review summary


  • Fast scan (maximum 100 seconds)
  • Works with 9 of the most used video formats


  • The increase of the search’s length lowers the result’s accuracy
  • The trial version doesn’t recognize .mkv, .mov, .3GP, .flv, .mp4 formats
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